Preparation and Strategic Planning, Stephen Bradbury style

18 February 2020

Steven Bradbury wins gold at 2002 Winter Olympics video clip

Remember this? 18 years ago! Often touted as the most 'unexpected win in Olympic history', there have been many reactions to this race in the years since. Some have suggested it is an example to support the 'slow and steady wins the race' viewpoint, while others deem it to fit the 'you have to be in it to win it' mindset. Perhaps the version most befitting is that it supports the notion that 'preparation and strategic advantage' is key to success.

Was this race quite simply a strategic and tactical move from Bradbury given his position going into the race, the expectation that crashes are common in the sport and there was a reasonable chance of this eventuating; thus allowing him an opportunity to capitalise on this and gain advantage?

Is Bradbury really just the luckiest gold medal winner in Olympic history or is he a reminder of how preparation and strategic play can be used to your advantage?

There's certainly something to be said about 'doing a Bradbury' and anticipating what your competitors will do and not falling into the trap of trying to keep pace by doing exactly the same thing, but taking a step back and looking at a situation more strategically for a solution which still lands you on top. After all, strategic planning is the foundation of business success.
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