14 September 2017

Cerno Property Services has employed the services of Skyfii, an Australian-based software technology company, in the provision of guest WiFi access for patrons to our Hurstville Central Shopping Centre. The analytics and marketing platform ‘IO’ will be deployed across the Centre, providing a fast and convenient WiFi system that is sure to enhance the shopping experience for visitors to the Centre. With the installation phase almost complete, the system is nearly ready to commence the testing and commissioning phase almost a month ahead of schedule.

The cloud-based Skyfii platform IO, uses existing WiFi infrastructure, BLE beacon networks, door-to-people counters, video sources, and web and social platforms to allow various types of venues to analyse the behaviour of customers and capture data from those who opt-in to free internet connectivity. In doing so, it converts the data into a critical sales and marketing tool that allows venues and their commercial tenants to deliver content that is catered to each visitor’s needs and interests.

Some key benefits are included below.

  • Grow a database of engaged shoppers
  • Use IO to deliver offers to shoppers based on proximity, behaviour or demographics
  • Measure the success of events with an accurate understanding of visitation
  • Use IO as a marketing channel for retailers, segmenting shoppers on engagement with certain tenants or precincts

Cerno Property Services is extremely excited to commission the WiFi system to assist customers with their shopping experience and to take the Shopping Centre’s marketing and data analysis to a new level.

To learn more about Skyfii, visit www.skyfii.io