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About cerno property services

Cerno Property Services addresses the increasing need within the Property industry for an organisation to take total responsibility for the management and control of all facets of asset management

We are a licensed real estate company managing property assets for institutions, superannuation funds, independent property trusts, joint venture partners, trusts, family offices and private investors. We specialise in managing our clients’ property assets within the commercial, industrial, retail and mixed-use sectors. Our clients benefit from the diverse knowledge of our experienced team, who understand the importance of well-managed income producing assets.

Our asset management services include:

  • Property Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Leasing


Our Systems

Cerno Property Services uses industry leading systems and software for property management. This ensures our clients have a comprehensive understanding of all facets of their property. Our systems and software provide fully integrated web-based reporting and analytics. They allow information to be centralised to enable easy access for property managers and owners. The systems are consistently reviewed and updated to reflect the ever changing needs of the property market.


Our understanding of all aspects of the asset management process and proactive stakeholder management delivers certainty to clients. Where other companies see difficulties, we look for solutions and tailor our services to clients’ requirements.



We understand the complexities of real estate ownership and the processes involved in extracting value from these assets. We can assist with enhancing the value of your property investments, reducing costs, mitigating risk and supporting tenant tenure by ensuring the following:

  • Quality and reliable property and facilities management and leasing
  • Custom tailored, client-driven and superior service for property industry clients that demand quality management of their assets
  • Accessible and readily available team nurturing our clients every step of the way
  • Ability to deal with complex assets and ownership structures
  • Tenant retention strategies that are focused on gaining a thorough understanding of their needs
  • High level of reporting and analysis



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