Business View interviews Cerno Director, Donovan Moodie

5 July 2021

Business View recently interviewed Cerno Director, Donovan Moodie to share his property management insights. Donovan has been working at Cerno since its inception in 2004. In this time, Donovan has been instrumental to the Group's growth and development. A strategic thinker and natural leader who takes great care to support and mentor his team, Donovan is an asset to Cerno Group.

Donovan also goes to great lengths to understand his clients and their requirements, helping to tailor solutions to meet their needs. As Donovan says: “Everything goes hand in hand – it isn’t just facilities or just property management standing on its own. You need a whole suite of things working together to effectively manage an asset."

It was pleasing to see the resulting article from Business View which was an affirming summary of Cerno's business model and how this is implemented to achieve client and corporate goals.

Interested in learning more about Cerno Group's property management and facilities management approach?

Read the full article here.