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Cerno considers each investment from a macro and a micro perspective

Real estate is an asset class subject to cycles depending on underlying supply and demand fundamentals in the financial, property, and occupier markets.

Pricing of real estate is inefficient, providing Cerno the opportunity to identify and deliver value-enhancing investments for investors and partners.

Balancing macro and micro factors ensure that each investment has a documented strategy and asset management plan, which is reviewed annually.

Strategies include:


Investment horizon and exit strategies – entry and exit price

Identification of risks and mitigation strategies for these risks

Robust asset management plan identifying strengths, opportunities to add value, threats, and weaknesses

Appropriate funding strategies involving the efficient allocation of capital (equity) and financial leverage (debt)

Our investment thesis

At Cerno we target assets that are too small for or out of favour with larger institutional investors, but which are large enough to be beyond the reach of private investors.

We focus on core-plus, value-add, and opportunistic investment assets located on the eastern seaboard in industrial, commercial, and retail sectors, including mixed-use.

Cerno targets opportunities to enhance asset value through re-positioning, judicious capital expenditure, active hands-on management, and leasing activity.

We focus on  opportunities that  provide protection from inflation through long-term, stable growing cash flows and good prospects for capital growth.


Our integrated investment platform

As an independent diversified property group, Cerno has several business units across the Group. Working with these business units allows us to leverage a diverse range of expertise and competencies – giving us a competitive advantage in delivering quality investment products.

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Our offering



Trusted relationships

Trusted relationships with bankers and other equity providers support the Cerno Group’s funding strategies in ensuring the efficient allocation of capital and financial leverage.

Hands-on management

Hands-on property and facility managers control property outgoings, maintain tenant relations, and actively develop and deliver leasing strategies.


Joint-venture partnering

Joint-venture partnerships with like-minded investors allows Cerno and its stakeholders to identify, secure, and capitalise on identified investment opportunities.

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