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with Cerno

Cerno regularly partners with like-minded investors, developers, and institutions who have specialist skills, or complementary skills, or who may lack the necessary resources, infrastructure, or local presence to oversee or undertake an investment or development project.

We draw on our established relationships with major and second tier banks, non-bank lenders, and offshore capital to access financing on market terms. By partnering and financing with Cerno, investors, developers, and institutions benefit from these established relationships.

Why partner
with Cerno?

Over the years Cerno has forged many successful long-term partnerships with industry and financiers founded on professionalism, transparency, commitment, discipline, and unquestionable honesty.

The challenges and risks involved in securing appropriate investment or development opportunities in a highly competitive market requires Cerno to be proactive, solution focused, and forthright with its views.

Cerno is an integrated Group, leveraging a diverse range of expertise and competencies across several business units, providing a competitive edge to partnerships and joint ventures.

Cerno’s skills and experience comprise investment management, asset management including property and facilities management, development management, and projects delivery skills.



Partnering and
joint venturing

Cerno Capital assists investors and developers in securing additional equity for quality investments or development opportunities.

Typically such assets or developments are too large for the promoters or the promoters may desire to spread some of the risk associated with the project.

Cerno structures and arranges capital for joint ventures, aligning the interest of all parties involved, resulting in mutually beneficial outcomes.

Capital structuring

Cerno can assist with capital structuring and arranging or providing capital, ranging from first mortgages, mezzanine debt, preferred equity, and equity. All carefully planned and structured to enhance investors’ and developers’ returns.